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These pages present several Chess variants of my own

My Favorites

  • SHAKO on a 10x10 board, with Cannons and Elephant like in Xiangqi.
  • INVASION a military variant on a 84 squares board.
  • ROLLERBALL on a special "skate-ring" board with 40 squares.

 More Chess Variants

All over the years, I have made a lot of attempts which led me to invent other chess-like games.

Chess Variants on very large boards

I consider that these variants are now surpassed by METAMACHY.

However, some might like them. Play with fresh and new pieces. Introduce the Chinese Cannon on the board, try its diagonal counterpart, the Bow, retrieve the Old Ones like the Elephant, War Machine or the terrific Gryphon, test the jumping favorites, Marshall, Cardinal, Amazon, put a Lion on your battlefield!

  • GIGACHESS on a 14x14 board with 20 different pieces.
  • TERACHESS on a HUGE 16x16 board, with 24 different pieces.


  • TAMERLANE 2000  on a 11x11 board with promotion and crowning rules.

 Catalog of Chess pieces

See our catalog!

You think that these piece do not exist otherwise than in bitmap or maybe card paper? Wrong! Check here! 

click on the photograph for nice pictures!

Find those Chess variants on the Chess Variant Pages.

Retrouvez-les sur le site "The Chess Variant Pages"


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