History of Chess: Table of Contents

Histoire des échecs: table des matières

Quoi de neuf ?

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Histoire des échecs





The Chess and Games Library

A handy collection of relevant papers for history of Chess and other games.

All presented in pdf format and easy to download.

This page will continue to grow as further additions are planned.

Any contribution from authors is welcome.

The origin of Chess / L'origine des échecs

This section is devoted to a fascinating enigma :  where, when, why, how was Chess born ?

The following pages deal with the birth of Chess.


The archaeological findings / Les traces archéologiques

Many illustrations can be found on these pages.

What are the sources available to the historians and what do they tell us ?

Here are all known texts presented in chronological order. For each one, a table summarizes:

estimated date of writing / work title / author / language

Quelles sont les sources écrites dont disposent les historiens et qu'est-ce qu'elles nous apprennent ?

 Sont énumérés ici tous ces textes souvent cités et d'autres moins connus. Pour chaque texte mentionné, un tableau récapitule :
la date estimée de son élaboration / le titre complet de l'œuvre / le nom de l'auteur / la langue.

Varieties of Chess all over the World

More about chess history

 Champions from all games

All this will be completed in the future.

In memoriam of H.J.R. (Harold James Ruthen) Murray (1868 - 1955)

Greatest Chess historian ever, author of the monumental "A History of Chess" (1913).

 (Thanks to Gill Zukovskis for correcting misspelling errors)