Staunton chess pieces, orthodox or not

Pièces d'échecs Staunton, orthodoxes et féeriques

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 This is a nice family, isn't it ?

Here below are displayed 20 different chessmen, all in compatible Staunton style. Larger photographs are displayed by clicking on every images.

20 piece types is just what is needed for Terachess, and of course, for the other variants of my invention such as Shako and Metamachy.

Then, I took the liberty to attribute a name for each piece which is completely arbitrary : if you owned these you could decide otherwise and attribute the name of your choice to each of them.

The fidel F.I.D.E.

Available in any good shop !









The Chinese Staunton

These pieces were designed by the regretted Charles Wohrer who has been the ardent promoter of Xianqi in France in the 70's and 80's. His design was patented and then sold by "L'Impensé Radical" in Paris. The pieces were manufactured by Chavet Chess, Jura, France. The full set (32 regular chessmen + 4 Elephants + 4 Cannons) was distributed in France by "Relais des Jeux Descartes".




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White Staunton Xiangqi set 


The so-called Karpov set

I do not remember who designed this set, but he decided to name it Karpov, in homage to the great Russian world champion. The set has been fabricated by Chavet Chess, Jura, France. I bought it from a nice shop, "L'Art et Jeux", 1 rue Fonvielle, 31000 Toulouse, France (Tel 33-(0)5-61-23-36-28) then held by the regretted Michel Kostromine. Contact this shop, they might still have some set to sell. Or go there, there are still available here !

I chose to rename them in order to play my variants.


King -> Lion

Queen -> Buffalo

Bishop -> Giraffe

Knight -> Camel

Rook -> Machine

Pawn -> Prince

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Full set


Super Chess Set One

This set has been designed and fabricated by Hans van Haeringen who is promoting his system, named "Superchess". In this system, they are up to 50 different chessmen, then, a second, and maybe more, set is anticipated. Contact the author to buy these wonderful first set. Also available from this author, a very nice Dutch book about "Superchess" and an English booklet summarizing the rules. Check his web site.

I gave them my name in order to play my variants. Hans van Haeringen has given them other names.








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Full set


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