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 Xiangqi is Chinese Chess, Chess played in China, Taiwan and in may other places by Chinese communities. Xiangqi is also played in Vietnam where its name is Cò tuóng.

For sake of illustrations, several photographs selected and borrowed on the web are presented on this page.

Beijing Square Open Air XQ Contest (Source: Peter)

Beijing Square Open Air XQ Contest (Source: Peter)

Giant Xiangqi boards

Da Li Big Board: (Source: Peter)





An other Big Board:

Xiangqi Theatre Arena XuZhou:

(Source: Peter)


As the webmaster here, I am not the author of these photographs. I am making this page months (or even years) after having collected these documents and I don't remember where I took them. In all cases, authors are deeply acknowledged and will be cited if they wish.

I also express my gratitude and my warmest thoughts to people represented here.

Also, any photograph will be removed if someone asks me to do it, whatever the reason.


Several photographs are coming from this web album made by Peter (?). Thank you Peter.