Medieval chess in Angkor, Cambodia

Les échecs à Angkor au Cambodge, au Moyen-Age

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 Angkor Vat, South-West Pavillon, 1st half of 12th century. Angkor Vat was built under King Sûryavarman II (1112-1152)

(photo borrowed from R.Pozzi)

3rd surrounding of Bayon shrine, built by King Jayavarman VII (1181-1201)


Bayon, South Gallery

Preah Khan temple, built about 1184-1191 under King Jayavarman VII (1181-1201): Chess game on a boat.

Remark : the pieces present that bulky shape which still characterizes modern Cambodian or Thai pieces nowadays.

For a full study and more photographs, see also : Bernd Ellinghoven, Christine Gruber, "Kambodschach, Work in Progress zur Geschichte des Schachspiels in Kambodscha" in Studiengemeinschaft Kambodschanische Kultur e.V., Schriftenreiche Heft Nr. 8, Berlin 2003.

 Thanks to Thierry Depaulis and Bernd Ellinghoven for rich and numerous discussions and for photographs