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  My home-made wooden ChessVariant sets

Set 1: the orthodox men: Rook, King, Pawn, Queen, Bishop, Knight

Set 2: the Metamachy men: Cannon, Elephant, Lion, Eagle, Camel, Prince

Set 3: the Zanzibar men: Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Buffalo, Marshal, Crocodile, Cardinal, Machine

The Pawn

The King

The Queen

The Bishop

The Knight

The Rook

The Marshal or Chancellor

The Cardinal or Archbishop

The Cannon

The Elephant

The Lion

The Eagle, a.k.a the Gryphon

The Camel

The Prince or Man

The War Machine or Catapult

The Giraffe

The Crocodile

The Buffalo 

The Rhinoceros

 Some Chessvariants using this set

A Westernized rendition of Xiangqi

Modern Chess (Maura) on 9x9 board with Ministers (=Cardinals)

Shako, on10x10 board, including Cannons and Elephants

Grand Chess (Freeling), on 10x10 board, with Marshals and Cardinals

Omicron Chess: my variation over Omega Chess (Mac Donald). Same board (10x10 with 4 extra corner squares), but Camels and War Machines replace Wizards (=Camel+Fers) and Champions (=Machine+Alfil). This prevent from having too many strong pieces on the board

An adaptation of Tamerlane Chess on 11x11 board. A Crocodile replaces the Wazir as in the historic Full Tamerlane Chess

The Wildebeest Chess (Schmittberger) line-up on a 11x11 board instead of the original 11x10 board

Metamachy, on 12x12 board with 12 types of pieces

Zanzibar-S, on 12x12 board and many pieces

and orthodox Chess, a recognized variant!

Find those Chess variants on the Chess Variant Pages.

Retrouvez-les sur le site "The Chess Variant Pages"


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